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INOV8 is a consultancy, specialising in environmentally responsible solutions

(or as Victor Papanek termed it; "Design for the Real World")

INOV8 is pronounced innovate


Because design should be:

fun. creative. responsible. about solutions.

making this planet a better place for all to live.


INOV8 has:

conceived business solutions

researched local and international markets and attitudes

prototyped pre-commercial product

designed product and graphic materials

specified product components, printing, laboratory materials testing, colourway samples

written for books, magazines, newspapers, weblogs, catalogues, newsletters

managed community co-ops, as well as not-for-profit and commercial businesses

promoted not-for-profits, governments and business enterprises

reviewed books, journals , plus both prototype and commercial products

presented as a conference speaker, university lecturer, field work supervisor

What should customers expect?

Solutions that :

• are clean and uncluttered

• are easy to understand and interact with

• minimise environmental impact

• looked at the problem from a different viewpoint

• deliver directly to the customer's needs