Consulting for Australia's first carbon

neutral cycling event: the Highland Fling

Researched and wrote the Sundance

Channel's Green Guide: Big Ideas for a

Small Planet

Researched and wrote the How to Green

Your Outdoor Sports green guide

Developed photo legend displays for the

organic breads at Alfalfa House

Community Food Co-op

Co-op Coordinator for Alfalfa House

Community Food Co-op

Environ trade journal. (Eco-architecture)

Original editor, thence contributing editor

Ecospecifier (green building materials).

Research manager, writer & graphic

designer of print manual

Manager and field team leader for

Conservation Volunteers Australia,

working on land conservation projects

Hemp daypack. Recycled PET for

webbing, shoulder pads & back pad.

Cork trim. Corn starch plastic frame.

WI Echo Screen - recycled PET

panelling. Research, writing & design

liaison for fabric, swatchbook & CD

Poster designed for The Wilderness

Society's world environment day

campaign. Also badges, cards, etc, .

Daypack of recycled polypropylene

waste from disposal nappies. (Concept,

design, patterns, prototyping)

Daypack of recycled polypropylene.

Straps foldaway to make shoulder bag

with detachable strap and hand grip

Logo designs and taglines for Green

Net, a phone affinity program between

Earthshare Australia and New Tel.

Sydney Sustainable Lifestyle Card.

Concept, customer liaison, graphic

design, print liaison.

Australian Wetlands Alliance digital

newsletter. Designed and edited.

(Articles read across screen, not down)

Reuse Directory. Development of

computer database. Graphic design,

print liaison of hard copy guide.

Greenpeace. How Green the Games?

(Sydney Olympics 2000). Researcher,

writer, editor.

Design and implementation of a Eco-

Library database for the Society for

Responsible Design (SRD)

South Pacific Organics (food) brochure.

Logo design. Graphic design of brochure

Eco-Home. Columnist for Domain

Supplement of the Sydney Morning

Herald newspaper

Sydney Morning Herald article on the

Bower Reuse and Repair Centre, co-

managed with Lucy Lindskog

Organised for Bower's 2 tonne truck to

undergo a Biodiesel trial

Undertook international market research

on wool-based sportswear for CSIRO's

SportWool project

Eco Portfolio

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