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Me. Warren McLaren. I grew up in a family home, which had solar hot water (long before there were rebates), with heating and cooking

provided by the wood that I chopped most every night after school. After a couple of years at uni studying Outdoor Education, I

instructed rockclimbing, whitewater canoeing, backcountry skiing, etc. Dissatisfied with the quality of the gear I was using 'in the

field', for 300 or so days a year, I opted to go back into tertiary training. Twice. To learn how to make it better. Years later, after

designing the first recycled polyester fleece jackets, outside of North America, I decided such enlightened design was a future worth

pursuing  .....  if our future was to be one worth having.


Started, oh, way back in '93, when I'd hung up my scissors and measuring tape as the Designer/Product Manager for Paddy Pallin,

Australia's oldest and largest adventure equipment company. (My first freelance assignment being Media Liaison for the Australian

Conservation Foundation's 4 month long community awareness event Coastwalk, sauntering by most every beach and headland from

Melbourne to Sydney.)


While my employment has been wide and varied, it has, and will continue to be, focussed on the natural environment. I remain

committed to meaningful work that allows me to concentrate my energies only on projects that further stewardship and enjoyment of

this life-giving planet. (When not working I try to be outside. See personal website for images of outdoor shenanigans.)

See also the Compass website, where I chart the history of innovation in outdoor clothing and equipment


The links below open lists that detail my background

Pre INOV8 Design

Mostly about my design work and product management with Paddy Pallin


Here you'll see the projects I've undertaken in both outdoor and eco design


A list of articles, publications, public speaking and lecturing completed over the years


A brief Curriculum Vitae, for anyone that's interested


A few examples of end-user responses from people who've encountered my work.