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Arc'teryx History

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Dave Lane’s Rock Solid Manufacturing makes climbing harness in Vancouver, BC, Canada


Jeremy Guard, a friend of Lane's from the finance sector, joins as an equity partner

company's sales total $30,000 USD


relaunched as Arc’teryx, with cofounders, Dave Lane, Jeremy Guard and third employee, Nick Jones

Skaha rated as top harness by Climbing magazine


David Lane leaves company to concentrate on climbing windsurfing and snowboarding

development begins on a range of Gore-tex outerwear, with design input from Mike Blenkam, ex designer for Mountain Equipment Co-op

create the 'Watertight' polyurethane coated zipper, in collaboration with Uretek, of Connecticut USA, who 'waterproof' YKK's zippers

Bora 70/60 and Khamsin 52 win Backpackers Editors Choice Award

Targa wins Climbing Magazine Best All Round Harness rating


unveil a collection of technically advanced Gore-Tex Alpine outerwear using 'WaterTight' zippers, thin seam tape and laminated fabric


company moves headquarters to Burnaby, British Columbia

Alpha SV Jacket and Bibs win American Alpine Institue Guides Choice Awards

Gamma Salopettes win Polartec's Apex Award for Excellence

Theta LTJackets wins Backpackers Editors Choice Award


first company to win the European Outdoor Product of the Year Award


Apparel now provides 2/3rd of company revenue, with packing and harnesses making up the difference

20 sewers grows to 100, to meet retailers demand for the new clothing

product sold through 400 accounts of which 250 are in the USA

debut the Descent line for skiers and snowboards, with the introduction of the curved WaterTight zipper on the Sidewinder jacket


purchased by the Adidas owned Salomon Group


Amer Sports purchased the Salomon Group from Adidas

Arc'teryx head office moved back to North Vancouver

Arc'teryx now